Welcome to SM2

Growing together.

SM2 is the student ministry of Signal Pres, serving students in grades 6-12 and their families. Our mission is to present every student with the transforming gospel of Jesus – and equip each of them personally to live in his love and serve in his name. We strive to be a safe place for all students to explore faith in Jesus Christ, ask questions, and grow in the context of trusted relationships. We have a tremendous team of volunteers who work with our staff to carry out ministry to hundreds of students each week. Come join us!

Student Ministry:
Wednesday Nights @ SM2

What to expect for sm2 wednesdays

  • 6:00 –  Student Ministry Parking & Drop-off
  • Get checked in, then join us for pizza & hang time!
  • 6:25 – Large Group in the Warehouse
  • 6:45 – Teaching
  • 7:15 – Discipleship Groups
  • 8:00 – Students Dismissed

6:00 PM - Parking, Drop-Off, & Check-In

Students and leaders driving themselves may park in the 3rd Floor Cornerstone Lot or the Student Ministry Parking Lot off of James Blvd. If you park in the 3rd Floor Cornerstone Lot, head to the Check-in Station on the Patio. If you park in the Student Ministry Parking Lot, look for the Check-in Stations at the top of the side walk. For parents dropping a student off, circle around the Student Ministry Parking Lot and drop your student off in front of the sidewalk where they’ll be greeted by a Welcome Team volunteer and checked in. First Time Visitors come to our new visitor cart where we’ll greet you, get your information, and host you for the night.

6:25 - SM2 begins!

We start on the 5s, join us in person to find out why! During this time all students and leaders are together for liturgy, worship, and announcements. Middle and High School will split into two groups for our teaching time. Middle School stays in the Warehouse and High School moves to Woodward Hall.

7:15 PM – D-Groups

D-Groups (and our leaders) are the core of a Wednesday Night. D-Groups are grade- and gender-specific and led by an adult leader. During this time leaders and students gather together for discussion centered around the teaching they just heard.

8:00 PM – Students are dismissed!

Parents, you’ve got two locations to pick up your student.  
1) The parking spaces along James Blvd. will be opened up and you are free to whip into one of those spaces while you wait for your student to come out. OR  
2) You can turn into the youth parking lot and either pull into an empty parking space or circle around the parking lot carline style and wait for your student to come out.

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Meet the team.


Director of Student Discipleship


Director of High School Ministry


Middle School Resident


Director of Middle School Ministry


High School Resident


Ministry Coordinator – Student & Family Ministry

Meet OUr D-Group LEADERS

Who are D-Group leaders?

D-Groups (and our leaders!) are the core of our ministry to middle and high school students. A D-Group is made up of students, same grade and gender, and led by a small handful of adult leaders. Beginning in 6th grade and walking with their students through 12th grade, these leaders make a 7-year commitment to care for, know, and disciple a small group of students in the way of Jesus. While we as staff will never know the name and story of every student who walks through our doors, having close to 50 men and women investing in the lives of a few students means every student is given a place to belong and people to belong to within the student ministry at Signal Pres.
Denver Eshee
David Hughes
Lyle Schlegel
Banning Stack
Mattie Livingston
Jessica Whatley
Amy Boren
Ben Broome
Frank Johnson
John Day
Emmie Treadwell
 Hayley Sesterhenn
Kara Price
Sarah Provonsha
Ashley Brumley
Byron Ford
Josh Blockley
Alysa Butterfield
Amanda Hayslett
Elizabeth Moore
Grai Kelley
Terra Varner
Aaron Delaughter
John Fortney
Taylor Rowlett
Meg Day
Kelsey Pingry
Sally Boals
Jeff Claxton
Phil Smith
Riley Young
Brynn O'Rear
Donna Bolton
Jackie Carpenter
Jennifer Funk
Julie Perez

Chris Collins
Dax Branam
Isaac Allen
Ty Treadwell
Emily Cooper
Kathy Harper
Katherine Hurst

Chris Collins
Dax Branam
Isaac Allen
Ty Treadwell
Emily Cooper
Kathy Harper
Katherine Hurst