Giving at signal

Our conviction as Christians is that every part of our lives has been touched and transformed by the generosity of God in sending his Son, Jesus. We live out that conviction, before one another and the world, with an all of life generosity of our own.

When you give to Signal Pres, you are supporting weekly ministry to young kids, and you are making possible ongoing care for homebound seniors. You are enabling ministry in parts of town you drive through every week, and in parts of the world you might never see. As ordinary and small as your giving might feel, by way of it you are investing in God's kingdom that can not fail.

Financial resources at Signal Pres are overseen by a Stewardship Team comprised of deacons and elders, under the oversight of the Session. If you have specific questions about the ministries that we support and how our dollars are stewarded, contact Johnny Long. Thank you in advance for continuing that support!