Adult Discipleship 


Outside of our Men's and Women's ministries we do offer co-ed options. Below you will find a description of our Core Classes, they cylce throughout the year during Wednesday discipleship and Sunday evenings to grown your faith and knowledge of the Word of God and our faith. You will also find about The Amateur  Theologians Club a book study offered occasionally throughout the year for those who want to go deeper. Apart from these classes we really emphasize our Community Groups as the primary way to connect besides Sunday Worship.


Core Classes are our commitment to provide every disciple at Signal Pres with a firm foundation to live the Christian life well. Jesus’ desire is for all who follow him to be equipped to live life well and to flourish. That kind of life doesn’t just happen; we need to build our lives on truths and habits, to be be equipped to grow ourselves and to love our neighbors. Our Core Classes provide an accessible place where you can learn and grow alongside others – whether you’re new to the Christian faith or have been following Jesus for years.


There are four Core Classes, each of which is eleven weeks and which are offered on a rotating basis each semester. Classes are offered on both Wednesday nights while Kids’ Discipleship and Student Ministry are going on elsewhere in the building, and also on Sunday evenings. Classes combine both up-front teaching from pastors and leaders in our church as well as discussion around tables. While our emphasis is forming you for faithfulness in your ordinary life, we love seeing new friendships form and grow through the class.

The Story of the Bible

It can be intimidating to open your Bible and try to read it for yourself. Who among us has not given up on trying to read through it when we reach the book of Leviticus? This class gives you the tools to be able to confidently read Scripture for yourself. First, you’ll learn the what the Big Story of the Bible is and how each of the Bible’s 66 books fits. And second, we’ll give you the basic skills that you’ll need to be able to read the Bible for yourself and apply it in your ordinary life. The Story of the Bible will take what was once intimidating so that you can find yourself in God’s good work in this world.

Habits of Grace

We all long to grow in grace. We want our lives to be marked more and more by the gentle kindness of Jesus and the joy and peace that the Gospel promises. But how do we do it? What would it look like to move toward Christian maturity in simple and concrete ways? Habits of Grace is an invitation to answer these questions. We’ll look at simple practices that you can build into ordinary life that will help you to both experience yourself and live before others the faithful presence of Jesus’ love.

Theology for Ordinary Life

Theology isn’t mean to be locked away in ivory towers or to be used for obscure debates that don’t touch our everyday lives. Instead, theology is meant for living – it’s meant to guide disciples to live faithfully and well in a world where truth can be hard to find. In this class we’ll walk through the basics of the Christian faith as they are stated in the Apostles Creed and learn how these doctrines guide us to the good life and also help us to love our neighbors well.

Faithful Presence

We all can imagine what it would be like to be a person whose life is a blessing to others – the kind of person who, wherever they are, sheds life and gives life to those who are around them. The kind of person who, in other words, is the faithful presence of Jesus’ love. This class will teach you to imagine and practice what living for your neighbors might look like. We’ll learn simple ways that we can live out the good and beautiful mission that God has given us. Led by Scott, Joey, and a great team of staff and lay leaders, we’ll learn together that there’s a wonderful simplicity to loving our neighbors that brings us joy even as it serves them.

The amateur THeologian club

amateur (noun)
1. one lacking in experience and competence in an art or science
2. a person who admires something; devotee; fan
In the Amateur Theologian Club, we’re amateurs in both sense of the word. On the one hand, we’re a place for beginners in theology, for those who don’t know big words to throw around to impress others and to those who are more than anything interested in exploring and growing in their knowledge of God. And on the other hand, we are those who come to theology book groups because we want to grow in our love and devotion of God. We believe that what the mind understands the heart can then better love.
The Amateur Theologian Clubs meets for short book studies throughout the year. All are welcome to come join us, but sign up early because class size will be limited so that everyone has a chance to be a part of our discussions. Women and men of all levels of education, background, and knowledge are invited, and we are intentional about making our discussions accessible so that all of us grow in the knowledge of God and faithful discipleship.


Signal Pres offers focused opportunities for Sunday School between the 9 AM and 11 AM services on Sunday mornings. Four classes offer different opportunities for you to grow in knowledge of God’s Word. We invite you to explore these opportunities alongside our focus on Core Classes, Kids and Student Discipleship, and Community Groups.

*We offer nursery care for children birth to three years. Nursery care is available on Sunday mornings from 8:45 – 11:00am service.

The Journey Class 

(Cornerstone 302) The Journey Class is a rich community of older adults who teach systematically through the Bible on a rotating basis. Alongside serious study of Scripture, The Journey also has a rich community of prayer that takes place throughout the week.

Three Strands Sunday School Class 

(Woodward Hall) – Young(ish) Adults of Signal Pres! Join us for Three Strands Sunday school class. Current study is Everlasting Family: Creating a Healthy Culture in the Home, led by Dr Tyler Rogers. Children of parents who attend ages 4 years old and up meet in room 118 on the children’s floor for Three Strands Kids Fellowship. Nursery provided for children 0-3. Three Strands joins in on the First Sunday Breakfast at the beginning of every month and also observes school breaks

The Gospel Class

(Room 297) The Gospel Class is a discussion-based older adult class that walks slowly through books of the Bible. Expect rich community and deep discussion on the riches of God’s Word. 

The Discovery Class 

(Cornerstone 303) The Discovery Class is a Word-based older adult class that alternates between different studies – some topical, some based on books of the Bible. Expect deep teaching and commentary on Scripture and the Christian life.

Open Door Class 

(Room 301) A class for those looking to connect with the people and ministries Signal Pres has to offer. As you look to the next season, you may be looking for new ways to get involved at your church home or connect with your church family. We invite you to join us, Sundays from 10-10:45. We will study a book of the bible together, nurture relationships, and fellowship with one another! A casual class to help facilitate finding your place at Signal Pres!

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