Wednesday Nights at SM2



5:30 –  Student Ministry Parking & Drop-off 

Get checked in, then join us for pizza & hang time!
5:55 – Large Group in the Warehouse

6:45 – Discipleship Groups

7:30 – Students Dismissed 


STUDENT Discipleship  

Grades 6-12

Wednesdays during the School Year | 5:30-7:30 PM  

We’re glad you are here! Wednesday Night’s at SM2 is our opportunity to open wide our doors to middle and high school students in our church and community as we seek to present them with the good news of Jesus equipping them to live in his love and serve in his name. When it comes to Wednesday Nights, we work toward giving all students a place to belong and people to belong to within the context of D-Groups where they gather around the scriptures in such a way that they are heard, cared for and pointed to Jesus.  

Below you’ll find our detailed plans and schedule for a Wednesday Night at SM2. If you have additional questions, please contact us in the Student Ministry office at 423.886.2190 or by emailing one of our Student Ministry Co-Directors Camille Ward or Jackson Clemmer.  

5:30 PM – Parking, Drop-Off, & Check-In 

Students and leaders driving themselves may park in the 3rd Floor Cornerstone Lot or the Youth Parking Lot off of James Blvd. Students driving themselves have two options for where to check-in. If you park in the 3rd Floor Cornerstone Lot, you will head to the Check-In Station in front of the church office. If you park in the Youth Parking Lot, simply come to the New Visitor Tent where we’ll greet you and get you checked-in for the night.   

For parents dropping a student off, enter the Youth Parking Lot off of James Blvd., circle around the parking lot, and pull up to one of three Check-In Stations. We’ll meet you at your car, ask for your last name, and get you checked-in.  

Once you’re checked-in, you can exit your car, walk around the back of the Check-In stations, and up the sidewalk to the Patio where you’ll enter the Student Ministry wing.  

New/First Time Visitors – pull up to the New Visitor Tent in the Youth Parking Lot. We will greet you and get you registered so that the next time you come you can follow the same check-in process as everyone else.  

Dinner and Hang Time – After you’re checked in the Youth Café will be open to purchase food and drinks for dinner. The Youth Patio and Student Ministry wing will be opened for you to hang, play and check-up with students and leaders. Doors to the Warehouse will open at 5:50pm and students will be able to begin making their way inside.  



Wednesday Nights Drop Off Map Fall 2021

5:55 PM  – Warehouse Programming Begins
We start on the 5s, join us in person to find out why! During this time all students and leaders are together for liturgy, worship, and announcements.  

6:15 PM  – Teaching Begins 
Middle and High School will split into two groups for our teaching time. Middle School stays in the Warehouse and High School moves to the Pit. 

6:45 PM – D-Group Time! 
Everyone is dismissed from the teaching time and heads to D-Group. D-Groups (and our leaders) are the core of a Wednesday Night. D-Groups are grade- and gender-specific and led by an adult leader. During this time leaders and students gather together for discussion centered around the teaching they just heard.  



7:30 PM – Students are dismissed!  
Parents, you’ve got two locations to pick up your student.  

1) The parking spaces along James Blvd. will be opened up and you are free to whip into one of those spaces while you wait for your student to come out. OR  

2) You can turn into the youth parking lot and pull around to the open parking spaces along the retaining wall – where check-in was set up for drop off – park in one of those spaces and wait for your student to come out.  



Wednesday Nights Pick Up Map Fall 2021

  Still Unsure About Drop-Off and Pick-Up? Check out this quick video:




Camille Ward

Camille Ward

Director of Student Ministry

Jackson Clemmer

Jackson Clemmer

Director of Student Ministry

Savannah Pilz

Savannah Pilz

Student Ministry Resident

Sydney Little

Sydney Little

Administrative Assistant



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