Paul Manuel - January 15, 2023

The Nightmare of Nebuchadnezzar

During the height of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign over Babylon, he dreams of a huge statue made of gold, silver, bronze and iron that represents the glory of the kingdoms of the world. The statue is hit by a Rock sent from heaven that collapses the whole image and grows to become a mountain covering the whole earth. What can this strange nightmare that Nebuchadnezzar had 25 centuries ago possibly have to do with us? The dream is about the sovereign power of God over human power and might. The kingdoms of this world, no matter how impressive, will ultimately be destroyed and overtaken by the everlasting kingdom of Christ. Jesus reigns even now as the good news of his death and resurrection is declared and his people demonstrate the joy of his life-giving kingdom throughout the earth.

Scripture References: Daniel 2:25-48, Daniel 2:1-6

From Series: "Daniel "


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