Paul Manuel - July 17, 2022

The Rise of Samson

Sampson is often seen as an action hero like Thor with a jawbone of a donkey instead of a hammer, taking on the Philistines hundreds at a time. But Sampson had a bevy of deep character flaws and, like the rest of Israel, had become just like the corrupt people he was to judge. His story shows us our need for a greater judge than Sampson, a savior king like David who completed the work of defeating the Philistines that Sampson only began to do. Sampson and David show us that in spite of all the ways in which God forgave, delivered, and helped the people of Israel; they had a bigger problem than the Philistines. Nothing could overcome their tendency toward selfishness, pride, and rebellion. Nothing but a king who sacrifices himself to save his people. Likewise we need a Savior King who dies on behalf of his people to save them from the corruption and oppression that sin brings. The King we need is Jesus.

Scripture References: Judges 13:1-25

From Series: "Judges "


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