Paul Manuel - June 12, 2022

The Judge, the Jury and the Executioner


If there is a hero or heroine in Judges, Deborah fits the bill. (Several children are named Deborah. Not many are named Othniel or Jephthah or even Samson.) She exemplifies the godly leader - a woman after God’s own heart. She's a prophetess, speaking truth from God. She is a mother in Israel, settling social disputes and legal cases. She leads with wisdom and character instead of might. She conquers evil with a team, not on her own. She establishes righteousness and justice to foster community and bring peace. In this way, she points forward to God’s chosen leader, David, and even more than that points to Christ, David’s Greater Son, who is the real hero of the story.

Scripture References: Judges 4:1-24

From Series: "Judges "


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