Worship is at the heart of what we do as Christians. While all of life is worship, we gather on the first day of the week (Sunday) to offer corporate worship to God.

Philosophy of Corporate Worship 

Corporate worship is biblical.. Worship is shaped by the revealed will of the One who is worshipped, not by the desires of the ones who worship.


Corporate Worship is formative. While there will hopefully be times when you leave knowing that God has done something to you or in you, worship is mostly designed not to provide an experience but to shape us over time to live, think and love in the pattern of the gospel.

Corporate Worship is
consuming. Worship is meant to engage not merely the mind, not merely the emotions, but every part of us.

Corporate Worship is comprehensible
. Whether you are a long time follower of Jesus or coming to your first ever church service, we believe that you should be able to understand what is being said, done and sung.

Corporate Worship is
vital. Worship is at the heart of our life together as a church. If youre considering visiting with us, we urge you to start here. 

What to expect

Week-in and week-out our worship services look much the same. We use a liturgy – an order of worship that helps us to remember what God has done, what he is doing, and what he will do. As part of our liturgy:

We sing. Congregational singing is an important part of worship. Some songs might be new or unfamiliar to you, but the words are on the screens for all to see.


We preach. We believe that when the Bible is preached, God speaks. Our normal practice is to preach through books of the Bible, alternating between the Old and New Testaments.

We affirm
. Creeds, or statements of what we believe, remind us that we stand in a long line of faithful men and women. They are also a way of us encouraging and teaching one another and ourselves.

We confess
. Every week we confess our sins, usually through a corporate prayer that we say together and a time of silence. Its good to remember that the Christian life is not built on our merit but on the grace that comes through Jesus!

We give
. We believe that God has made us his own so that everything we have we return to him. The offering is a part of that. You will never have any obligation to give!

Traditional & Informal

We have two styles of worship. The philosophy and liturgy are identical at each one, but the way in which we live those out differs as we hope to make our services accessible and comprehensible to as wide a range of people as possible.

The Traditional Service (9 AM) is more formal in its style. There we use mostly older hymns, a choir, and mostly an organ and piano. Pastors wear black robes, a traditional way of signifying them as preachers of the gospel and shepherds of our flock. 

In the informal service (11 AM), we use a wide range of hymns and songs, some new and some old. Instrumentation is usually a combination of piano, guitar, strings, drums, etc…. The singing is led by a smaller group of singers, and the pastors will be dressed much like everyone else.

Youll find a variety of ages at both services, and youre always free to go back and forth between the two.

What should I wear?

Dress is hardly our primary concern as we come to worship. While a Traditional Service can tend to be more formal as to dress, and while some may be in their Sunday Best, informal attire is certainly welcomed. At the Informal Service, the feel is more come as you are” which means that you will see some jeans and some ties, with most in the middle.

When is communion and can I partake?

We come to the Lords Table on the first Sunday of every month at both services. If you know that you are a sinner in need of a savior and look to Jesus as that savior, youre more than welcome to partake with us!

What about kids?

We think that worship is important for all ages, so we value kids in worship and want them to be with us as soon as possible. We have nursery available for children from birth to age 3. Kids age 4-Kindergarten are able to participate in Kingdom Kids, which dismisses from the service before the sermon. 

Location & Parking

Signal Pres is situated on the corner of James Blvd and Oak Street. You’ll find Senior and Handicap Parking in the lot closest to the Sanctuary (enter from Oak Street or James Blvd). Parents dropping of kids age 3 and under will want to enter off of Oak Street and park in the “Family Parking” area designated below. Enter the Kids Floor near the smaller playground, check-in, and then head upstairs to the Sanctuary. All other parking is first-come, first-serve in the lots and spaces marked below. 

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