Community GROUPS

Why community groups?

As people made by a relational God, we are made for relationship with one another. Even as God comes near to us in the person of Jesus, we believe that the work of Jesus is normally carried out in our lives as we are in relationship with others. Community Groups provide that biblical community for those who have not found it at Signal Pres thus far, and for all who come to Signal Pres moving forward. 

What Is a Community Group?

Community Groups consist of 8-10 people who are committed to gathering together for three primary purposes:

Belong. In a community group, you will have a group of people to know and be known by. These are the people who will encourage you, laugh with you, cry with you, and pray for you. 


Become. In a community group, you will open the Bible in the context of relationships with people who are trying to know, trust, and serve God even through the ups and downs of ordinary life. We’re convinced that you won’t leave the same way you came.


Bless.In a community group, you’ll have the chance to love and serve others in ordinary ways, whether that’s words of encouragement after a hard week, taking them a meal after an illness or just showing up for them week after week. 

What do Community Groups do?

Community groups meet weekly for fellowship, study and prayer. Groups will be encouraged to take one of their monthly meetings for some alternative form of gathering—this might be a time when kids are welcomed and the whole group eats a meal and has a time of worship, or a time when the men and women meet separately, or when the whole group goes out for dinner, etc.

When, where, and for how long do Community Groups meet? 

Community Groups meet on different days and at different times all throughout the week, depending on the Group Leader. Most will meet in homes, though some might meet at the church. The aim of Community Groups will best be accomplished over time. To that end, new groups will start with an 8-week launch period. At the end of that time, those who opt-in will continue to meet indefinitely.

Who will be in my Community Group?

Ideally, these groups are a place for us to live out the kind of intergenerational community that our church values and the Bible commends. That said, composition of groups will vary on factors such as meeting place and time, availability of childcare, location preference, etc.

Is Childcare Available?

Childcare will be up to the group and costs may be subsidized by the church for up to 2 hours for regular Community Group meetings.

We encourage families with middle and high school students to give serious thought to how they include their students. These groups offer a real chance for those of all ages to live out our value of generational investment. That said, parents need space to share and grow apart from their kids. For this reason, groups will be encouraged to consider monthly all-family meetings, when all kids and adults would be together. We see times like that as a key component of family discipleship moving forward. 

Great! How do I sign Up?

Fill out the form below to give us information on your preferences and availability. You will then be matched with a group that best fits what you’re looking for, and they will be in touch to give you details leading up to your group’s first meeting! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Paul Manuel.

Join us! It’s Fall y’all and Community Groups are meeting again! New groups will be forming in September and we will be placing people in groups as quickly as possible! If you are interested in leading or hosting a group, please mark that on the form below or reach out to Paul Manuel for more information.


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