Advent 2021


For You & Your Neighbor 

Advent (which means “coming”) is a season of waiting, hoping, and anticipating – teaching us to come back to the basics and hang our confidence on two hooks: 

Jesus’ first coming into the world – a past event we remember. Jesus was born in a manger just over 2000 years ago,laid in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes, sung over by angels, visited (and announced!) by low-life shepherds.


Jesus’ second coming into the world – a future event we anticipate. Jesus will come again in glory to raise the dead, to bring his perfect judgment, to renew the earth and the heavens — and to dwell with his people in eternal glory!


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Over centuries, the Church developed a habit of “camping out” on these dates around Christmas to center our hope on Jesus. The four Sundays (and their weeks) before Christmas are the season of Advent when we wait and prepare for the coming of Jesus. The two Sundays (and weeks) after Christmas are known as Christmastide where we celebrate the presence of Jesus.  The tradition was to keep talking and singing and praying like it is still Christmas day – for 12 more days! They remind us that the best is yet to come … that though God is with us and rules now, restoring and renewing, our hope is that he will yet come and finally make all things new.

There’s no magic formula here: Advent is easy to celebrate. You might use an Advent Wreath, a pop up calendar, or have your own traditions. We’re giving you a simple calendar with a brief scripture reading for each week that lays out the Christmas story. (You can pick up the calendar on or after Nov. 20).

Advent For Our Neighbors: The invitation to love our neighbors is for all seasons, but there is something about Advent that makes this season a special time to reach out to those around us. The Father sent the Son to embrace us – and He sends us to embrace others.  The needs and opportunities that are always around us are often more visible and more acute. Each week of Advent we invite you to one concrete act of love for our neighbors.

Week 1

  • Option 1: Our friends at Kids of Growth have created an Amazon Wish List to help provide a special Christmas for the families they serve in the Westside of Chattanooga. NOTE: PLEASE SEND THE GIFTS DIRECTLY TO THE WISHLIST ADDRESS (“Amy Covington Farlett’s Gift Registry Address”). Also, please don’t wrap the gift or buy it and bring it to the church office. Sending the gift directly to Kids of Growth allows them to make changes to the gifts depending on the amount of gifts and what arrives. Please order so gifts arrive to Kids of Growth by December 14.
  • Option 2: Our friends at Hope for the Inner City run a Christmas Store for their community that provides discounted and affordable gifts so that families can provide for their children at prices within their means. On Saturday, December 3 we take the morning to help set up and decorate the store. Come for the whole morning or choose a block of time that works for you or for your family. Sign up online here!

Week 2: Carpool Caroling. We’re meeting at the church at 3 PM on Sunday, December 4 to split into groups and to bring some Christmas cheer to some of our Signal Pres members. Come with friends or let us help you find others to go along with and we’ll go sing some Christmas favorites to those in our congregation who would be particularly blessed by some caroling. Come to the Sanctuary Parking Lot.

Week 3: Invite a Friend to Christmas Fest. On Sunday, December 11th at 6:30 our choir will once again invite us into the wonder of Advent. We love opening the doors of our church to the community so that they can experience the beauty and joy of this season. Invite a neighbor or friend to join you so that they can hear the message of hope that is Christmas.

Week 4: Blessing a Neighbor. As Christmas approaches, a simple act of love to a neighbor can mean more than we know. Drop off your favorite Christmas treat, a baked good or a Christmas card, or simply check in on someone for whom this season might be sad or difficult. These simple acts of love can bear fruit in ways beyond our imagining.

Week 5: Enjoying God’s Creation. The Incarnation shows us that God loves and cares for us. He’s come to redeem “far as the curse is found” – and that includes nature. So take a walk or a hike and enjoy the beauty of what God loves. Better yet, invite a neighbor to join you! From Green Gorge to Signal Point to Mushroom Rock, there are so many places for you to take in the goodness of the creation God loves so much.

Week 6: Start a Bible Reading Plan. A new year brings the possibility of a new habit of communion with Jesus through his Word. Find a Bible reading plan (maybe through an app such as ReadScripture, YouVersion, or Lectio 365) and invite someone to join you in a year of drawing closer through Scripture.

Additional Resources: Advent is a wonderful time to dive into new habits or patterns or dig a little deeper on some resources. Here are those we suggest:

  • An Advent playlist ! These are some amazing songs (some of which we hope to sing in worship) to dwell on during this season. (We’ll add others as we choose them).
  • A wishlist for great Advent resources for you and your family.
  • Use a daily prayer during the season of Advent to say together with friends or family. Draft your own or use this one adapted from the book of Common Prayer:
    • Mighty God! Give us grace to cast away the works of darkness and put on the armor of light! Help us remember your Son Jesus — coming to us in humility at Christmas — in our hope that we will rise to life in you when you return in glory.“
  • With your small group or class (or anywhere you are connected in community), pick up a simple mission or act of service to neighbors and city as an intentional act of worship this Advent season. (If you’re not in community but long for it, look for Community Group signups after Jan 1.)




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