Care Ministry

Congreagational Care

Get to know how Signal Pres cares for our church 

At Signal Pres, we believe the church is here to care for the body of believers God entrusts us with. We've been tasked with the privilege to care for the people the Lord has brought to us.

Congregational care involves many things- pastoral counseling, pastoral care, things like hospital and home visits. But the scope of Congregational Care is too big for pastors and church staff alone. Church officers, lay leaders, and volunteers play a crutial role.
Congregational Care also includes our support ministries, includint Stephen MInisters, providing one on one care and support for those going through crisis.
Elders oversee pastoral care for the families within their shepherding folds. Every family within our church membership is placed under  the care of a Elder whose goal is to know the families and their needs.

When it comes to Congregational Care, Signal Pres must see every member use thier gifts in caring for the body. Each member is interdependent. When one is hurting, the whole body is affected, and the members engage to provide help.


Service for those in need - house cleaning, yard work, grocery shopping. Driving to and from doctors visits or appointments.


Individuals ready to help provide transportation to and from doctor visits or appointments.
Church bus transportation to worship and
other church related events.


Ministers for those in need of one-on-one care
and support groups. 


  • Caring Presence 
  • Caring Meals
  • Encouragers
  • INS - In His Service


Prayer support for people, ministries, families and leaders.

I wANT TO GET involved 

If you want to get involved with serving or volunteering with any of these specific ministries please contact us! Additionally if you need assistance or are interested in learning more about any of the things listed on this page, please reach out!
You can also call our church offices at (423) 886-2190