Bethel Series

What is Bethel?

Bethel SeriesBethel is a two year comprehensive Bible study. The first year (20 sessions) is spent in the Old Testament, and the second year (20 sessions) is spent in the New Testament.

Do I have to know much about the Bible to take Bethel?

No. Bethel is designed to help newcomers to the Bible learn God’s story of redemption from start to finish–and–to help those who have studied the Scriptures for years to find even richer meaning.

When will the classes be offered?

The Old Testament class will be offered on Sunday mornings during Sunday School. The New Testament classes will be offered during Sunday School and on Tuesday nights. Old Testament class must be completed before singing up for the New Testament class.

How can I join a Bethel class?

Fill out the form below or call Christie Wildman at (423) 886-2190 with questions.