Staff & Leadership

Scott Bowen headshot

Scott Bowen

Senior Pastor

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Andy Cornett headshot

Andy Cornett

Associate Pastor of Families

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Paul Manuel Bio

Paul Manuel

Associate Pastor of Congregational Care

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Joey Sherrard headshot

Joey Sherrard

Associate Pastor of Discipleship

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Celestial Allen headshot

Celestial Allen

Co-Director of Embrace Ministry

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Courtney Armstrong headshot

Courtney Armstrong

Director of Kids Ministry

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Matt Broome headshot

Matt Broom

Director of Technical Support Ministries

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Allison Dowlen headshot

Jackson Clemmer

Co-Director of Student Ministry

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Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth Collins

Director of Preschool Ministry

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Lorie Dewey

Lorie Dewey

Director of Women’s Ministry

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Allison Dowlen

Allison Dowlen

Director of Communications

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Beth Duroy headshot

Beth Duroy

Director of Kids and Youth Music

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Jason Duroy headshot

Jason Duroy

Assistant Director of Music Ministries/Organist

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Barbara Hailey headshot

Barbara Hailey

Administrative Assistant

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steven headshot

Steven Ingram

Director of Music Ministry

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sydney headshot

Sydney Little

Administrative Assistant – Student & Family Ministry

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Carolyn Miller headshot

Johnny Long

Executive Director

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Carolyn Miller headshot

Amy Meller

Director of Presbyterian Day School

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Catherine Payne headshot

Melissa Martin


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Catherine Payne headshot

Catherine Payne

Director of Kids Discipleship

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Carol Price headshot

Savannah Pilz

Student Ministry Resident

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John Ridge

John Ridge

Director of Support Services

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Carol Price headshot

Carol Price

Hospitality Director

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Cara Rock headshot

Cara Rock

Director of Embrace Ministry

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Margaret Ferguson headshot

Trish Ross

Assistant Director of Music Ministries/Coordinator

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Fay Taylor headshot

Jesse Schwindt

Executive Administrative Assistant

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Hannah Sims headshot

Hannah Sims

Administrative Assistant – Women & Kids Ministries

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Valerie Schultz Family

Valerie Schultz

Childcare Coordinator

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leza headshot

Leza Simpson

Assistant Director of Presbyterian Day School

email | bio

Camille Ward headshot

Camille Ward

Co-Director of Student Ministry

email | bio

David Barker

Julie Baumgardner

Lee Behar

Tony Boals

Andre Dantzler

Don Drumm

Julie Foreman

Drew Fowler

T. W. Francescon

Marc Funk

Tommy Hayslett

Jeff Hollingsworth

Jim Hynds

John Kinard

Peggy LaRochelle

Bob Marshall

Bruce Novkov

Frank Peele

Tom Plauche

Jarrell Reeves

Stokes Smith

Dan Stanley

Steve Tipps

Forrest Walker

Brad Wier

John Wilson

Bruce Zeiser

George Armstrong

Nick Bieter

Wells Blake

Josh Blockley

Jeff Claxton

Garrison Conner

Kris Edmondson

Douglas Ford

Chad Harris

Gary Helrigel

Susie Higgins

Katherine Hurst

John Kuehnel

Jack London

Kim Martin

Tal Mincey

Mike Morrow

Gwen Plauche

John Rennich

Linay Rogers

Jane Salazar

Greg Schultz

David Simpson

Warren Sinor

Banning Stack

Gerry Stafford

Mark Wilson


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